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How to Retire with a Website



How often have you said to yourself “There has got to be an easier way”, and of course we are referring to ways of earning a living or simply making an extra buck without having to work more hours or get a second job. Are you one who has neglected the 401k or never got opportunity at a pension. When retirement seems to be lurking closer each day!     I have found an answer and want to share it with whom ever is willing.

Actually, I believe most of us are very much alike when it comes to the desire of making life as easy as it can possibly be. That is exactly why I am exposing what I have learned through my personal experiences while trying to find a way to generate a passive income. Knowing it can be done without having to invest all of your time and existing savings in order to accomplish what I believe is a very reachable goal.
With that said, this blog is based on my discoveries that I have learned throughout my exploration into the online world of trying to earn a passive and/or residual income utilizing the internet.
Why the internet? Today’s world is changing at an astounding rate. The last 20 years has brought us a technical revolution like no other period in history. The first major change was the computer which hardly anyone owned in 1990. Today there is at least one computer in nearly every house hold in America. Next was the concept of being able to connect all of those computers together so they can communicate with one another and basically expose the world to a vast source of information like nothing ever seen before, and so the internet was born.
The internet started out being a source of entertainment. The ability to communicate and play games online with your friends and loved ones, and now you are able to send pictures, documents and a good joke or two. Today the internet is used to do just about anything. You can shop for the best deals available on a particular product that you’re in the market for, or find out information on any given topic and even locating a companion that is highly compatible with your personality. The world is now at your fingertips.
So, how can we utilize all this technology for personal gain? Well first of all, the internet is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it never sleeps. That in itself is the truly awakening part that intrigued me into searching for the perfect opportunity that can work for you 24/7, even while you are sleeping.
Now let’s just start by looking at what people are using the internet for. Whether they are just browsing for information or simply looking for price comparisons on a product they want to buy, there is a means of making money no matter what each individual is trying to accomplish online. It’s called traffic. Where there is internet traffic, there is also huge opportunity. People don’t have to be buying something in order to monetize from their traffic. So simply put, there is a golden opportunity in just about every aspect of the internet and the opportunities available to us are just growing more & more every single day.
I built a website in 2008 and today, it pays all my bills including vehicle and a few other extra perks. This is ONLY one website. My site is called How To Wire

If you have many interest, the amount of website's (and Income) you choose is really unlimited. So I pass this information along in hope that many others will find out how sharing your passion with a website will not only be very enjoyable, but can also make you a lot of money in the process. 
Here's what I discovered on my way to creating a my very lucrative website How To Wire Hope you enjoy.....


Passive & Residual Income

For those who don’t know the meaning of passive and residual income, (in relation to my website) well I’m pretty sure you’re going to like what you are about to learn.
Passive Income
An income stream where money is received usually on a regular basis without a
continual effort. This does not mean any effort at all; most passive income streams require great effort to start with.
Residual Income
An income stream where money is received usually on a continual basis that is derived from selling a product and/or service that requires payments made on a monthly or yearly term.
Let’s dissect the meaning of passive income from above. This term is responsible for my motivation to find a lucrative opportunity on the internet. Now there are two main ingredients to the definition.
  • The first part is by far the most appealing. “Money is received without continual effort”. Well, how exciting would it be to create an income opportunity that continues to produce a cash flow 24/7. Including while you are sleeping, doing hobbies, vacationing or what ever your personal interest may be. A good example would be an individual that owns a small neighborhood carry out that’s open 24 hours, 7 days a week. This individual has employees who tend to the carry out and therefore this individual is making a passive income. Whether they are there or not, the income continues either way. How attractive is that.
  • The second part is a little less appealing “Most passive income streams require great efforts to start”. Of course we all know, you can’t get something for nothing. Yes, the individual in the example above probably had to put fourth a lot of time, energy and I would guess some money to get to a passive income position. But, this statement carries a lot of weight. Through my experiences while searching for passive income on the internet, I have found out the hard and expensive way that there is no such thing as “get rich quick”. Creating a passive income will require some upfront dedication and effort but when the income begins to trickle in and knowing that this income will continue to grow even though your efforts begin to slowly decline, it is a real pleasure to say the least.
Now as for residual income, it is basically the same with the exception of how often you get paid. Residual income can be a very powerful means of earning money. Rather than constantly receiving income from many individuals, residual income is received from the same individual whom purchased a product or service which requires a monthly or yearly renewal charge. As long as this individual belongs to this newly purchased plan, you receive income every time this individual pays their subscription fee. The more residual income sources you create, the wealthier you can become. This means of income can snowball exponentially. Combine residual income with passive income and you can easily become very wealthy in short period of time and maintain that status for the rest of your life.
There are 2 types of residual income.
1. Set Passive
2. Continual Growth
A good example of Set Passive residual income would be someone who owns an apartment building. Their income is derived from the renters. The owner gets paid a set amount monthly from each renter so therefore the owner knows exactly how much income he/she will make every month (assuming all apartment units are full).
Therefore the owner can not make any more than that amount unless of course he/she purchases more apartment complexes. But the owner still receives income month after month on a continual basis with little effort on their part.
Here’s an example of Continual Growth residual income. You sell magazine subscriptions online and get a 10% commission on every sale. For example purposes, let’s say the magazine subscription is $30 a/year. You make $3 dollars for every sale each and every year that the new subscriber renews. Now for the first year, if you were to sell 10 subscriptions a day, 5 days a week that would equate to:
10 a day X 5 days a week = 50 per week X $3 = $150 per week
$150 per week X 52 weeks = $7800 per year
Now the following year, you have already acquired a customer base. Granted that some will renew and some won’t but we’re going to keep up the same sales pace and continue getting new subscribers. Now your income starts to really multiply.
50 per week X $3 = $150 + Last years renewals =$300 per week
$7800 per year + Last years renewals = $15600 per year
The above example will vary. There will be days of lesser sales and days of more sales, but the point is to see how continual growth residual income can simply create wealth depending on the efforts put into it. Now at some point and time you may want to stop selling. Of course your subscriber base will slowly dwindle but with very minimal efforts you can sustain a reasonable residual income from all of your previous efforts. But keep in mind that with this example, we are using a door to door sales or telemarketing technique in order to acquire and sustain sales, but if you have a Info website, your traffic is working for you around the clock, all day and every day.
So now that we understand passive and residual income, do you see how the internet could be an easy and powerful resource for providing these types of income? Especially since the internet is always working 24/7 and people are always looking for information you have to offer. Traffic never sleeps so therefore we have a golden opportunity.


Building an Online Business

To effectively pursue and create a passive and/or residual income online, you need to develop an online presence such as a website. You’ll see and hear of others using a basic landing page (a single page website). The problem with a landing page is the dedication to a particular product or service. Typically a landing page is primarily used for a sales pitch to convince a visitor why they must have this product or service. Although this method can be very successful, typically the product or service along with the sales pitch itself can get exhausted through market saturation. A good selling product will be picked up by other marketers and sell like mad until eventually it is all over the internet and your sales diminish substantially. Marketing a product or service can be accomplished without a website very successfully, but does require a great deal of experience and can get extremely costly. We will be covering these topics later on down the road.
Through my trials and tribulations of trying to find a good if not a great presence on the internet, I have found that a website is the only way to go. The reasons for this are numerous, but for the sake of not boring you to death I am only going to cover the important ones and I’m sure you’ll get the idea.
A majority of today’s web surfers are in search for information. The information that they seek can cover just about any topic under the sun which makes choosing a website topic a very simple decision. As I mentioned earlier, you can make money from a visitor even if you don’t have anything to sell. Visitors looking for information are more numerous than those looking to buy. When a visitor is looking to buy, they typically are looking for something in particular and will go from website to website in search for the best possible buy they can find, but information seekers will come in numbers and stay on your website because you have chosen a topic of interest to them, and they are willing to browse around to read, learn or interact, depending on the type content you provide.
This is an important goal. To provide content that interest your visitors so they will not only come to see what your site is all about, but once they are on your site they will want to stay and possibly even bookmark your site for future visits. At this point you can monetize off of your visitors.
If you remember earlier I mentioned how passive income is created by an effort on your part from the initial start and then as it develops, you can start to ease off and allow the fruits of your labor to take over from there. Well that’s exactly what a website built around your particular interest can do. By building a website, you are developing a passive income and based on your topic of choice, you can also develop other ways to create multiple sources of income. Selling objects that are related to your topic such as books, software, crafts etc.. The options become endless and the opportunities seem to just pop out at you once you have begun.
Now the topic that you choose, as I mentioned earlier, can be anything under the sun. It is very doubtful that you are the only person in this world who has an interest in this particular subject. Picking a topic is extremely important. The topic you choose should not be based on what others are looking for, or what subject will bring the most traffic (or money). Your topic of choice should be made based on your interest because you are the one who has to create content on this subject. The more interest you have in this particular topic, the more productive content you will create. Also, when you choose a subject of your pleasures, you’ll find as you are developing your site, there will be a less chance of burn out before your website is fully created.
I am sure there is going to be those of you who say “I can’t build a website, it’s way too complicated for me”. Well let me just say phooey. If I can build a website, anybody can build a website. The tools that are available today are so technically involved it’s just a matter of typing in your content. The creation stage of your website is basically point and click, copy and paste. The only thing you have to stress out about is deciding what your content topic is going to be about.

Now you are probably asking, “what does building a website have to do with an online business”? Well a website of this nature is a business. What you’ll discover is that as you build content, the major search engines will pick up that content and rank your website within the search results that people are looking for. The search engines have extremely complicated software called search spiders that go out and find websites and monitor the data and content that are on that website. So when someone types something into the search bar (known as keywords and key phrases), the search engines know exactly what to pull up in the results list in order to satisfy their customer. So if you’re content is relevant to what was typed in, your website will be a part of the results list. This means you are getting FREE visitors to your website that are willing to click on ads and buy related products and more.
As you develop your site, the content is picked up by the engines and you get visitors. When you start monetizing from your visitors you are now making an income. Your website is now developing into a business. Like any other business, the more effort you put into it, the more results, progress, and growth you will see. Where else can you go and earn money from something that you are highly interested in and having fun doing it.
Your online business is now creating you a passive income. There is nothing more exciting than to monitor your website traffic and see the response and income your visitors are contributing, especially when it’s occurring during times when you are sleeping or off enjoying other activities. My website has increased in traffic (and Income) every month since 2008. I don't think there is any reason for it to stop growing.


To Fail or to Succeed

An online business should never fail. First I’m going to touch a little on the “why people fail”, scenario but it’s going to be short because there is really only a couple of reasons why people fail at online businesses. They just give up or they don’t put any effort into it. Well I’m sorry for those who think someone is going to come up to them and say “look, I’ll do everything for you. You do nothing and I won’t charge you for it and you can keep all the royalties from my efforts”. Nope, I’m sorry, it won’t happen. So if you don’t have the desire to create something on your own and you allow outside persuasion to tell you, “you can’t succeed”, then chances are you will fail. Never start something unless you are committed to see it through. If you do, you will succeed.
I’ll tell you right now, I’m no Anthony Robbins. I’m not a motivational speaker and don’t want to be. All I want to do is express what I have learned throughout my experiences and expose them to you. Now starting a website takes effort. You have to come up with the content, you have to put that content into words on your website, and after you have done that you have to come up with more content, content, content. There will be some time and effort into creating a website and your online business. Again, this is no “get rich quick scheme” and they just don’t exist (with exception of the lottery of course).
If you follow what I’m saying and put it into action, success is right around the corner but it doesn’t happen overnight. What you will discover is that when building a website, the effects do happen little by little. This effect was my motivation to keep going and produce more content.
As I was developing my website, I kept seeing the positive results of my efforts and this was great motivation to keep an aggressive forward pace. Before I knew it, my website began showing great rankings with the search engines and it seemed that the more I contributed, the better the snowball effect took place.
So I just can’t say enough how important it is to keep a forward momentum going at all times and eventually the rewards will soon follow. One thought to keep in mind in order to have success vs. failure is to keep your goals small starting out. I made the mistake of thinking big which made me constantly disappointed when I realized that I’m not going to make $100,000 a year immediately. The key is to take baby steps. By having this attitude, you will look at your progress as a slow, steady, and positive increase that can continue to grow throughout your lifetime. Allow the process to take care of itself and don’t ever expect riches overnight.
At this point I recommend you to take 30 minutes out of your time and watch the following videos. These are Many, Many folks just like me who are sharing their personal experiences as well. If you don’t have the time right now, just come back here when you do and take a peek. These videos will give you great insight on starting an online business and the enormous opportunity that is within reach by simply taking action. 
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